Become a G (Generous) Corporation®
because Business is Spiritual

Coach Julaine

“I help smart business leaders build profitable businesses for purposes beyond profit.”

– Coach Julaine

Business Is


Create a business with purpose, passion and profit and become a G (Generous) Corporation by doing two things well:

loving God and making money.


Create a business with purpose, passion, & profit.


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Because Business Is Spiritual


S.O.U.L. Plan Business Coaching

Did you know individuals who engage in the coaching relationship can expect to enhance their personal effectiveness in the areas of productivity, personal satisfaction with life and work, and the achievement of goals?


Strategic Objectives for Uplifting Life (S.O.U.L.) Plan is a road map for entrepreneurs who desire to transcend the ordinary and build a brand that drives passion and profits to a higher level.

Creating my S.O.U.L Plan with Julaine has helped me to package myself as a businesswoman. Having gone into business with a much more personal and social perspective on doing business, the S.O.U.L plan has given me the tools to create a kind of business uniform for myself while still factoring in the social and spiritual aspects of who I am. When you think of business and doing business with integrity, the path is quite cut and dry. I think she has laid out that road map beautifully.

— Tia G.

A Message from Coach Julaine

The quest for power and achievement, and a desire to serve others, sound like two conflicting goals.  Actually they are significant motivators and sources of sustained personal fulfilment for spiritually inspired entrepreneurs and the for-profit companies they build.