It was a sunny, summer day in August, 2013. I was sitting on the balcony of our hotel room in St Thomas, sipping my morning coffee and enjoying a moment of solitude along with the most breathtakingly beautiful view of clear turquoise water and white sandy beaches you can imagine, when I heard God whisper in my ear, “you’re a prophetic business teacher.”

It was more than 10 years earlier that I’d made the decision to leave the world of corporate finance because I was exhausted and frustrated. I was tired of leading publicly traded organizations in their efforts to deliver ever-increasing financial results, no matter what the cost. And I was frustrated by the disconnect I felt between my desire for personal fulfillment and the hard work I was doing every day.

I left the world of big business and corporate finance to focus on being a mother and a wife. Looking back, now I know there was more significance to my decision than the opportunity it gave me to refocus on the thing that matters most – my family. It was the tipping point for doing what I call “my life’s work.” In that process, I discovered my intrinsic purpose and stumbled upon the following truth about business: business is spiritual.

Discovering who I am, identifying my life’s purpose and learning the real truth about business revolutionized my life and brought deep meaning to the work I do today. Yep, today I am a prophetic business teacher with a passion for helping Christian women, and women open to applying biblically-based, profit making solutions to their business plan, make more, invest more and give more. But how did it all start?

I have more than 25 years’ experience assisting entrepreneurs, small business owners, and large corporations in the areas of business planning and development, accounting, and financial management. Before I became a business owner, I held numerous positions in the telecommunications and cable industries, including serving as division Chief Financial Officer for a Fortune 500 publicly-traded company. During my corporate career, I learned how to raise capital, cut-costs and maximize return on shareholder investments. I led initiatives to downsize or as we’d affectionately say, “right-size” organizations, merge and acquire subsidiary businesses, and integrate workforces.

Today, I am the founder of ARISE Business Solutions and creator of its “Strategic Objectives for Uplifting Life” or SOUL Plan®. In addition to leading ARISE, I’m the co-Founder and Managing Member of its sister-company, Accountant Smart, a public accounting firm that specializes in providing outsourced, cloud-based accounting services to small and mid-sized companies. My team and I help companies grow top-line revenues while protecting bottom-line profits.

I’ve authored two books, Purpose Passion Profits and “Make Your Money Last Forever: How to Maximize Your Potential for Creating Eternal Wealth”. And I serve on the board of directors and finance committee of the non-profit social enterprise, FareStart, and the advisory board for Northwest University’s School of Business and Management. I’m also a former Christian radio talk show host, and a former board member and chairperson of the coaching committee for the first women’s angel investment group in the U.S., Seraph Capital Forum.

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration-Accounting from California State University, Hayward (East Bay) and completed my experience to become certified as a public accountant at Price Waterhouse in San Francisco. I’m married to Terence, and we have one son, Jonathan. Terence and I reside in the Seattle area of Washington.

And lastly, but certainly not least, I’m a Jesus girl! So, how did it all start? Well, ultimately, this journey started with him.


Coach Julaine

The ARISE Business Solutions 7 Pillars of Success

Our Vision

We release spiritually-inspired business owners to pursue their passion to make a profit for purposes beyond profits.

Our mission is to help women and men build companies in The Generous Economy, and to develop into business leaders we call G Corporations®.

The Generous Economy

Three pillars of The Generous Economy support higher-level ideals, and unite to establish the culture of generosity in business. These pillars enhance and distinguish core values held by purpose-driven leaders from those typically found in the world of business. They are:

for being in business

Fulfillment of the business owner’s intrinsic purpose.

for running a business

Standards of generous leadership.

for business profits

Uses that create shared prosperity.

Our Mission

Our mission is two pronged: 1) to build businesses in The Generous Economy by providing business incubation programs and services designed to help purpose-driven business owners launch, lead and grow high-performance profitable companies while maintaining a balanced focus between making money and achieving higher-level objectives, and 2) to develop the business and leadership skills of business owners we call G Corporations®. G Corporations are entrepreneurs whose relationship with Jesus is their source of inspiration for building purpose-driven companies.

Our Team

Terence Smith, recently retired from a 35-year career in aviation to work full time with Arise Business Solutions. During his corporate executive career with United Airlines and The Boeing Company, Terence was involved in developing and leading entrepreneurial start-ups and new business ventures for both Fortune 500 companies. Terence has supported, contributed to and been involved from inception with the vision that is now ARISE Business Solutions. Now that he has come on board full time to contribute in various areas, his main area of focus is leading the development and production of digital media in support of on-line educational and social media platforms. Terence received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Science Engineering from the University of California, Davis where he met his wife, Julaine. The Smith’s have one son, Jonathan and currently reside in Bellevue, Washington.

Terence Smith

Co-Founder and Managing Member

Belinda Leung


A seasoned marketing professional who has worked with Reebok, Starbucks, Microsoft, Fluke and several other companies, Belinda never tires of the marketing challenges each day brings. She rolls up her sleeves to drive messaging, digital communications, and project management to help bring the ARISE programs and promotions to life. She is constantly inspired by the motivation and energy that embodies the ARISE Team. Before or after hours, you’ll find her running, swimming, playing with her family, and tending to her garden and chickens.

Our Purpose Beyond Profits

The leaders of ARISE Business Solutions are motivated to create wealth and use wealth to create shared value by positively impacting the lives of women and children within our sphere of influence in our local and global communities. We’re fulfilling our purpose beyond profits by:

Fight Poverty

Financially supporting non-profit charities and faith-based organizations whose mission empowers women and children to overcome economic, social, environmental and spiritual issues related to poverty and other social injustices or concerns

Promote Change

Being business leaders who promote reform that brings about social justice, law, and order in local, state, national, and world communities

Demonstrate Goodness

Being business leaders who demonstrate goodness in the relationships we build and business transactions we execute

As a commitment to our purpose beyond profits, we are also committed to financially supporting non-profit organizations who are engaged in the fight against human trafficking, homelessness and hunger that impacts upon the lives of women and children. We are committed to releasing our giving energy by donating a minimum of 10% of our company’s annual gross income to non-profits whose mission aligns with this purpose, and by volunteering our time in service on non-profit boards and in other capacities.