Is it possible your business aspirations have you working hard but pursuing wrong goals? Then pay attention because...

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    Business is Spiritual!

    You may have reached the point where discovering your “why” for business and connecting it to your relationship with God is no longer an option; for you it’s paramount to your happiness.
    However, trying to figure out how to go about it in a practical and effective way is tough.
    Now you can follow a structured and proven roadmap and…

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    Discover your intrinsic purpose for being in business!

    If you’ve been stumbling, wondering, questioning everything or are just plain burned out, I know exactly how you feel.
    In fact, I felt the same way when I started this journey.
    It was a slow and painful discovery process, and it took more than 15 years to get here.
    But finally, I found the key to doing business with purpose and sustainable passion…

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    Develop your S.O.U.L. Plan!

    The process of connecting to higher level ideals and discovering your purpose beyond profits will take time but it won’t take you 15 years.
    I was able to do the heavy lifting so now you can follow our structured and proven roadmap for discovering a purpose for your ambition to make money that is grounded in your relationship with God.

    Best of all, you can maximize your profit-making potential, and…

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    Earn more, invest more and give more than you thought possible by doing two things well: loving God and making money!



G Corporation is NOT a type of legal business structure. It’s a personal brand identifier for a special class of business owners who have one very important thing in common: they understand that business is spiritual.

As a G Corporation leader, you’ll develop your S.O.U.L. Plan, become part of a peer networking group, add Purpose beyond profits to your brand, access resources, and participate in impact reporting to like-minded business owners.

Peer Learning

Tap the power of idea exchange and share experiences in a safe environment. Network and connect with like-minded business owners. Participate in informative and inspiring virtual training sessions and workshops. Learn from seasoned business mentors who can share key principles and best practices critical to your business launch and leadership success.

Brand Affiliation

G Corporation business owners will be highlighted on ARISE’s social media platforms, Generous Leader’s newsletter and website, so you can share your story with a wider audience of like-minded business owners and consumers. You can also use the G Corporation logo on your website, social media and marketing materials.

Collective Impact Reporting

As a G Corporation member of the Generous Economy, you can distinguish yourself as part of the movement known for spreading generosity in business. Through our annual reporting process, we will compile and provide benchmark data so you can know how your business performs in relationship to your peers.


Resource Library

24/7 access to our library of tutorial videos and white papers covering topics critical to your business and leadership success so you can work on sharpening your axe at a time that’s convenient for you.

Access Vetted Vendors

Access our network of relationships with vendors in the areas of digital marketing, e-commerce, branding, legal, accounting and talent management so you can quickly find the help you need and save valuable time.

Trusted Business Advisory and Accounting Services

Outsourcing your accounting allows you to focus on your business. Receive one (1) hour FREE initial consultation, and 10% discount on the cost of your first-year’s monthly bookkeeping and accounting services provided by Accountant Smart.

G Corporation Requirements

To receive the G Corporation trademark, you must:

1. Own a For-Profit Business

You must have a viable business idea or own an existing business in one of the following stages of development to qualify to receive the G Corporation designation:

Ideation Stage

Prototype Stage

Market Stage

2. Develop Your S.O.U.L. Plan

Being clear about your why gives you a unique competitive advantage and solid foundation upon which to build your business.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it…” Simon Sinek, Motivational Speaker

When you develop your S.O.U.L. Plan you’ll know why your business matters beyond making a profit so you can focus your work on achieving a higher purpose.

3. Be Generous

Generous Leadership

G Corporations endeavor to lead by example following standards of authentic generosity and ethical and generous leadership which are tenets of the S.O.U.L. Plan.


Financial Generosity


Level 1

Your business may generate less than $100,000 in annual revenues or $1 million or more in annual revenues. What’s important with regards to becoming a G Corporation is that as you build your company’s earning capacity you commit to giving a minimum of ten (10) percent of your personal income to your local church. At this level of giving, you qualify to become a “Level 1 G Corporation.”


Level 2

When your company’s profits exceed the amount required to sustain operations, and in addition to Level 1 giving, you commit to giving a percentage of company revenues or net income to charities and non-profits whose missions impact social and environmental causes you care about, you qualify to become a “Level 2 G Corporation.”

G Corporation® FAQ

Why did Coach Julaine trademark the G Corporation?

Coach Julaine was inspired to establish the G Corporation® trademark as a way to promote development of the Generous Economy within the Christian business community, and identify, promote, and share experiences of business leaders who have a higher purpose for business.

Is a G Corporation a legal entity?

No. G Corporation is a trademark assigned to individual Christian business owners who have raised their hand to acknowledge Business is Spiritual!

They are intent on using their power to create wealth to produce desirable, sustainable, social and environmental outcomes which build and strengthen “The Generous Economy.”

G Corporations transform and elevate the purpose for business wealth creation to a level that exalts Christ above the god of money.

Their motive for being in business, standards for running business and uses for business profits keep wealth circulating through strategies of redistribution, not concentrating in the hands of a few through strategies of accumulation.

Applying the designation “corporation” to an individual business owner is intentional. Its intent is to drive home the point that it’s people – not legal entities – who have power to make business decisions which produce helpful or hurtful impacts in our communities.

Who can become a G Corporation?

G Corporations subject themselves to a high code of professional ethics which governs behavior and builds character. To become a G Corporation, your passion for starting a business and creating business wealth must be connected to your desire to do good works, which are motivated by and connected to your faith in and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Below is a summary of the specific requirements regarding G Corporation status.


Shall be a sole proprietor or own a majority (51%) controlling interest in a non-publicly traded, for-profit business organized as any one of the available legal entity structures (e.g. C Corporation, B Corporation, Social Purpose Corporation, S Corporation, LLC, or Partnership).


Shall consider effects of motivations and decisions on the condition of their relationship with God, their family and friends (collectively the “personal stakeholders”) and investors, employees, suppliers, customers and community, (collectively the “business stakeholders”).

Shall endeavor to lead by example following standards of authentic generosity which: build and sustain relationships; are transparent, truthful and honor others; inspire change and overcome obstacles; fulfill intrinsic purpose; create sustainable results, raise expectations and demonstrate willingness to take risks; and highlight spiritual strength.

Shall endeavor to follow standards of ethical and generous leadership by adding the following assets of spiritual capital to their standards for running a business: faith, goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, kindness and love.

Shall prepare a statement of purpose beyond profits and personal impact investing policy setting forth a commitment to driving positive change through annual giving that supports the local church, and community or global non-profits and charities engaged in the fight against financial, social and environmental poverty.


Shall prepare an annual generosity report that presents overall business performance and contributions towards annual commitments. The annual generosity reports will be compiled and the collective results shared with members of the G Corporation network. Individual contributions made, both in terms of amounts given and benefactors, will remain private.

What do G Corporations believe?

It is an inherently moral and virtuous enterprise, designed by God to give people power to create wealth so we can fulfill our life’s intrinsic purpose.

Our life’s intrinsic purpose is connected to the Blessing which is God’s promise to give us power to create wealth so we can be a blessing to others.

As G Corporations, we envision God’s global economic ecosystem called the Generous Economy that uses business to spread the Blessing and create shared prosperity through acts of authentic generosity. We believe:

  • God’s Holy Spirit is the spiritual force for good motivating us to be the change we seek in the world.
  • All business owners have the capacity to be generous.
  • That, through generous leadership, we will sell products and services that make a profit and use our wealth to make a difference in the world.
  • To do so requires that we transform and elevate our purpose for business by aligning it with God’s purpose which always uplifts life and produces good works.

What is the G Corporation Application Process?

Step 1. Develop your personal S.O.U.L. Plan.

Step 2. Submit the G Corporation application to ARISE

Step 3. Complete an application review and obtain approval from our review committee.

Step 4. Make if official! Pay annual membership dues and begin incorporating the G Corporation logo into your marketing and branding materials.

Are You Ready To Become a G Corporation?

The first, and most critical step, in becoming a G Corporation is to develop your S.O.U.L. Plan. We, at ARISE, provide you with two options to propel you toward its completion.

Option 1: One-on-One Business Coaching


Take advantage of my 15+ years of experience in developing my own S.O.U.L. Plan (as well as the whole S.O.U.L. Plan framework). Let me help you define what “loving God and making money” means to you, and develop your S.O.U.L. Plan in a fraction of the time.

Here are some of the benefits of coaching:

  • Be guided through the entire process of developing a clear, powerful vision of your purpose beyond profits
  • Get the help you need to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats pertaining to your business idea or operations
  • Access assistance with developing a profitable business model
  • Access a strong system of support and accountability
  • Obtain extra motivation and encouragement to push you along farther and faster than you could do on your own

If you are ready to hit the ground running, then I’m ready to run with you. Click here to sign up for a FREE 15-minute phone call with Coach Julaine to learn more.

Option 2: S.O.U.L. Plan Online Training


We live in a DIY culture. So perhaps, one-on-one coaching isn’t for you. Don’t fret. We are developing an online training course just for you. If you provide us with your name and email address below, we can keep you up to date for the launch of this exciting new program.