The Strategic Objectives for Uplifting Life Plan is the ultimate guide to
BUSINESS PLANNING and WEALTH CREATION with purpose beyond profits.

Developing your S.O.U.L. Plan transforms how you think, feel and lead in the world of business. It lifts your motivation for making profits above the ordinary motivational drivers that fuel most entrepreneurs’ quests for profits, while not ignoring how important profits are to your sustainable business success. It’s your roadmap for becoming a generous leader and creator of eternal wealth.

Developing my S.O.U.L. plan wasn’t just a me thing. The process has expanded my brain for how I serve my clients as we develop their marketing plans. I’m taking what I learn from Julaine and I am now able to teach them how to develop their profit mix and how to scale their businesses. It’s remarkable to me how my transformation will lead to many others and for that I’m truly grateful.

Marcelle A.

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The S.O.U.L. Plan is a business and leadership development framework designed to help Christian and non-Christian entrepreneurs achieve maximum business, financial and social impact by:

  • developing a competitive advantage based on their intrinsic purpose,
  • differentiating their company’s brand with higher-level values that connect with their customers’ expectations,
  • discovering biblically-based business tools and techniques for becoming a generous leader and building a profitable company, and
  • executing their personal investment policy that fulfills their intrinsic purpose, generates shared prosperity and creates eternal wealth.

That’s what happens when you become an entrepreneur led by S.O.U.L.

We are here to help you become an entrepreneur led by S.O.U.L. who uses your competitive advantage to build a generous, for-profit business doing work you love. Here are the kind of things you will find going on here:


Inside Julaine’s books, Purpose, Passion, Profits and Make Your Money Last Forever, she shares inspiring stories, and presents proven business methodologies along with solid spiritual principles for building values-driven, passion-fueled companies for purposes beyond profits.


Our online courses offer a progressive, step-by-step training program to help you develop a business plan for starting and building a profitable company with S.O.U.L. Discover how to create a business with values and a mission that achieves maximum marketplace and social impact, and reflects your needs and aspirations.


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We publish regular content on our blog including how to articles and inspiring stories that’ll help you discover your intrinsic purpose, develop your business plan and leadership skills, improve your business acumen, and fulfill your S.O.U.L. Plan.


You can download our free whitepapers covering topics to help you grow your business such as, managing business cash flow, developing a competitive advantage, branding your business, understanding financial statements, raising capital, managing personal finances, and more.

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Julaine is a master at guiding business owners through the seemingly overwhelming process of high level development. She is a careful listener, wise counselor and passionate advocate. The process she guided us through was more than developing a business plan and strategy – she helped ignite a fire in us to take our business to the next level. I highly recommend Julaine’s service to a business owner!

Michael Vossler | Owner Vossler Media Group, Inc.

Coach Julaine Smith
Author of Purpose Passion Profits

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