Did you know that thousands of businesses are started every day? However, only 20% of firms survive the first year of operations, and if you’re a woman, only 4.2% of women-owned firms earn $1 million or more of revenue per year?

Did you know that connecting your “WHY” to higher level ideals gives you a competitive advantage that can help you make more money and succeed in business as well as, all of life?

Did you know that having a purpose beyond profits is an effective way for you to build relationships with your key stakeholders by answering questions people are asking today: “Why your company?”, “Why this brand?”, “Why now?”

Not only do we want to help you build a company that survives, and if you’re a woman, help you move the needle upward on the revenue-earning statistic for women-owned businesses, we want you to experience the satisfaction of making money for purposes beyond profits.

That’s why we provide business coaching services tailored for highly-motivated, and spiritually-inspired men and women who want to start or grow a profitable company using a strategy that helps you keep your ambition to make money aligned with your relationship with God.

Our clients are solopreneurs, consultants, small business owners and entrepreneurs who own for-profit companies in a variety of industries and in different stages of development. However, they have one thing in common…

A desire to create business wealth by doing two things well: loving God and making money.

The Generous Economy is an economic ecosystem where business leaders build profitable companies, create wealth and use their financial influence to impact poverty-related social and environmental issues. In The Generous Economy, work uplifts life and brings about positive change.

Benefits of Business in The Generous Economy

Dare to be different…

  • Think like a CEO inspired by higher motives, higher standards and higher uses for business
  • Build your business model on a foundation of purpose beyond profit
  • Confidently build and lead your team following standards of generous leadership
  • Make and manage wealth to create shared prosperity

Public Speaking, Small Group Education, Workshop, and Marketplace Ministry Events
An inspiring speaker, Coach Julaine blends her business expertise and background as a corporate finance officer with her anointing as a prophetic business teacher to captivate audiences. Her real-world stories and practical advice shifts mindsets about the purpose for business, and refocuses her audience’s strategies and planning to make more, invest more and give more as business owners in The Generous Economy.

Coach Julaine Speaks

Transformation, motivation and empowerment… these are the hallmarks of Coach Julaine’s talks and presentations.

Her audience leaves feeling inspired, informed and powerful. But that’s not all… Coach Julaine also shares wisdom that builds her audience’s confidence to launch, lead and grow a for-profit business, and practical advice they can use immediately to improve their company’s operational and financial performance, and strengthen their brand.

If you would like a special talk designed for your marketplace ministry or specific needs, please contact us and Coach Julaine can design something original for you.

Partner With Accountant Smart

Because we’re keenly aware that building a business for purposes beyond profits requires maintaining a balanced focus between your profit motive and your higher motive for being in business, we also help our client’s build and maintain strong accounting and financial reporting systems through the services provided by our sister company, Accountant Smart.